Festively pregnant?? I was this time last year.

This time last year, on Christmas party season eve, I was doing an at home pregnancy test. We found out we were expecting. That afternoon I was booked for a festive spray tan and called to tell them I was “sick”.I had no idea whether one could get a spray tan whilst pregnant? Was the sushi I had at lunch ok? Do I call Iain at work or wait to tell him when he gets home? ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Cue delirious excitement, matched with in-the-pit-of-your gut anxiety when I realised as soon as I didn’t say yes to that first glass of champagne during ‘insert Christmas celebration here’ that someone was sure to suspect I was pregnant.

“How do I keep this is secret?” I contemplated not going to any Christmas parties. How sad. It was an isolating feeling, especially at a time when you want to be with friends and family.

My husband was the one who said, “Don’t be stupid, we’re in it together”. I remember at one party he had mocktails ordered to the room we were staying in, so we could walk in together with a ‘drink’. What a keeper.

May The (baby) Force Be With You. Dec 2019 and hot found out we were expecting.

This was one of the many reasons I jumped on board as a Pregnant Pause ambassador again this year. I experienced how isolating it can be to be the preggo friend, feeling left out when everyone is having a bevvy.

I also saw first-hand all the mixed messages when it comes to what is the safe amount to have whilst pregnant. OMG, I was told by well-meaning friends,“It’s fine to have one, I did!” or, “One champagne in the final trimester when the baby is cooked is fine!”

Add in hormones and your body (and world) changing, and this time can be confusing. The advice? The National Health and Medical Research Guidelines say there’s no safe amount, time or type of alcohol to drink whilst pregnant.

If you are pregnant and you’re looking for support, take a look at Pregnant Pause. If you know someone who’s expecting and you want to support them, Pregnant Pause is for you too. Especially if you’re a local business – you can become a Community Hero!

Good luck mummas-to-be … it takes a village, and Pregnant Pause could be the village you’re looking for.

Hugo’s first Xmas

What is Pregnant Pause?

  • The campaign raises awareness that it is safest not to drink alcohol during pregnancy, and to create safe and supportive environments for pregnant women to go alcohol-free.
  • There is a range of risks associated with drinking alcohol during pregnancy, including stillbirth, low birth weight, miscarriage and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).
  • There’s no safe amount, time or type of alcohol to drink while pregnant or trying to conceive.
  • Local businesses and organisations can sign up to become Pregnant Pause Community Heroes and help create an environment which supports people who are pregnant to go alcohol-free.
  • More information can be found at or @pregnantpauseau on Instagram.
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