Motherhood. Oh Boy.

Motherhood. Where do we begin?

I’ve had a few titles in my life; wife, sister, daughter, friend.. as of Wednesday August 19th at 2:43pm I’ve added another to the list.

Mum. *cue tears*

His name is Hugo Fox Davidson and I, well, I’ve learnt a few things since my updated title took effect.

Motherhood is a wild ride my friends, right? Gosh, I’m only a few weeks in! A wonderful, exhausting, emotional ride. One that is so grounding. Almost overwhelming in its beautiful simplicity.

SO MUCH to share but first, the details of his arrival.

I got induced on a Tuesday.. he arrived the following Wednesday afternoon after they called an emergency Caesarean.

Note: after they decide its an emergency c-section I’ve never seen so many people enter a room with such purpose. The scrubs and hair net promptly shoved on my husband was cute. The look of “what the %^&$ is happening” on his face, not as much.

We trusted the experts and the process, next minute I had Iain turning to me and saying “it’s a boy”.

Hugo was the only boys name we agreed on.. Fox was a name I was drawn to while pregnant. I’d dream of a little boy with dark hair and piercing eyes named Fox.

Before I was pregnant I was never really into newborn photos. Babies wrapped up, propped up in flower pots Anne Geddes style, not for me.

I become a Mum, all of a sudden I’m saying to the newborn photographer “have you got his button nose and his little hands?

I’ll just pop him into a new outfit, I know its his fifth costume change but he’s just so striking in so many colours”.

Here are our first family photos together. Not all 542 I ordered just of his CUTE LITTLE SQUISHY FACE, but a select few.

More to share soon, I could write a book! However, I have a little boy to feed and cuddle.

Then weirdly watch as he sleeps.

To all modelling agencies wanting to book Hugo (get in line).. you can reach me here. Use this link to  send me any Mummy tips too.. I’ve got my L plates on but enjoying the ride.

Thank you for our pics Belle Photography


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