Why I’m baking to fight Cancer..

Like baked goods and HATE Cancer? Read on, friend..

How has Cancer touched you and your family? We all know someone who’s been through it or whose going through their Cancer journey.. and the ripple effect on their loved ones.

In one moment, you’re changed. Its hard to put into words; metamorphic, callous, grounding.

There are three women in my life that have bravely fought Cancer. My Mum, who survived breast cancer, Connie Johnson and Annabelle Potts who fought bravely. They might not be with us physically anymore but their love and light live on.

Annabelle Potts, Her dad Adam and myself doing the ‘lemon face challenge’


Those three women are the reason why, when the Cancer Council ACT asked if i’d help raise money to fight Cancer with Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea I said “where do I sign..”

My Mum Trishie, on our trip of a lifetime to Harry and Meghan’s Wedding


Eating baked treats and raising money to fight Cancer – it’s kinda right up my alley.

Australia’s Biggest Morning tea is STILL HAPPENING in 2020 despite that pesky Coronavirus pandemic. It just looks a little different and we need your help.

Register online. Bake for your house, self, family, friends, workplace, whatever socially distanced group you are hanging with at the moment and make sure you raise as much money as you can to help beat Cancer.

The official date is Thursday 28th May 2020, but you can host anytime that works for you. 

Every week I will be baking up something wonderful – with your help! So, stay tuned to my socials and we can bake together? Bake date?

I know it is a tricky time but take this opportunity to get the family and close friends together, whip up something wonderful, connect and donate what you can.

We are all in it together x


Kathie Potts, Adam Potts and me, in their backyard, promising them i’d do everything I could to help their family fight cancer.


See Connie’s last, powerful interview here

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