Monopoly.. the CANBERRA edition!

You can't buy it. It's exclusive. It's everything Canberra.

Monopoly – the Canberra edition is REAL. Your eyes are not decieving you.

BUT you can’t buy it. You can only get it through one clever Canberra business.. intrigued?

It has been crafted to reflect everything we know and love about the Nation’s Capital.

Icon Water, Gipps Street in Barton, Kingsford Smith Drive just to name a few make an appearance. If you live in Canberra, your heart bursts with pride when you open the box.

The catch is, don’t think you can head to the shops and snap it up. Trust me I tried. It’s super exclusive.

A Canberra business has purchased the rights to manufacture it as gifts for their clients. Hayman Partners in Curtin have been working on this project for a while, they had almost 2000 ordered which arrived just before the Coronavirus restrictions.

They arrived and Brett and the crew have been giving them to select clients and staff as gifts.

I found out about it because photos and videos on social media have slowly started emerging of local families playing the Canberra Monopoly game. After enquiries lead me to Hayman Partners I asked if they could point me in the right direction to buy a game. Their reply “you can’t buy it.. but you might be able to score one if you’re clients or friends of the business!”. *


*I’m now considering selling my house just to get one

They have been giving *some* away on their socials, but if you’re a client RING THEM UP.

There’s something so special about opening it up and seeing the busy streets of your own town; Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra Avenue and Belconnen Way.

It’s clever marketing. I can imagine once word gets out that these are REAL, there will be a few more Canberrans lining up to do business with Hayman Partners so they can get their hands on it!

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