A beary good idea to fight Covid-19

A safe bear hunt is being set up around Canberra and it is EVERYTHING

If you look in the window of hundreds of Canberra homes week, you’ll see there’s a bear in there and an elaborate plan as well.

In this crazy Covid-19 climate, the Nation’s capital has come up with a novel idea to put a smile on local kids faces. Some suburbs have banned together and put bears in windows of homes, to encourage kids to go on safe ‘bear hunts’ within the current social distancing guidelines.

What started off as a beary cute small idea has spread – hundreds of bears are now popping up right throughout Canberra and surrounds. Accompanied by local facebook groups, elaborate excel spreadsheets and maps to help families spot the cuddly creatures.

A teddy spotted in Chisholm, Canberra.

Gungahlin really getting into it “Gungahlin Region Teddy Bear Hunt” has over 500 members.

Facebook organiser Jerome joined us on the show Kristen and Nige on MIX 106.3, and said it was “nice to see the smiles on kids’ faces.”

That’s just one area of Canberra getting involved – the initiative is spreading.

BUT like anything in this tricky time, it comes with safe guidelines.

Is that one in Moncrief, Canberra?

I reached out to our ACT Minister for Health Rachel Stephen-Smith to get her advice. Which on Tuesday March 24 was;

“This is a great idea.

 Whether it’s a bear hunt or simply a walk around the lake, I’d certainly encourage children and families to have a break from the news and social media and simply have a bit of fun.

 We are telling people to be physically distant but that does mean we need to stop connecting with others as humans. If you would like to participate in the bear hunt, please make sure you follow the health advice:

  • Stay at home if you are unwell

  • Keep 1.5 metres between yourself and others

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick

  • Do not go out if you have returned from overseas travel within the last 14 days – you need to stay in self-quarantine for the safety of others


However, this could change. Tte Covid-19 situation is fluid and we al need to be staying up to date with regulations.

For the moment, this is something making our hearts sing and a wonderful respite for families. Just look at the mazing photos! Keep them coming too here. 

Stay safe everyone.



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