Best Australia Day Snag

Throwing a snag on the BBQ? Here's where to buy the best bite in Canberra

What’s more Aussie than a sausage on the BBQ this Australia Day? So many of us will do it and share the day with family or friends.

Even if its not on Australia Day a good sausage is hard to find (that’s not a euphemism), but once you discover a fabulous butcher you’ll be loyal forever.

There’s a big difference between a good and a GREAT sausage. If I’m indulging, I love a flavoured sausage. The gourmet variety.

I asked Canberran’s where to buy the best snag on my Facebook page. As you can see this is science. The votes are IN, get your shopping bags ready. Jane did say “Bunnings..”.. extra point for a laugh Jane!


According to YOU, the best Sausages in Canberra and surrounds can be found at..

5. Hawker Butcher Shop and Bonza Bangers

4. The Butcher Shop 

3. Jordo’s Chop Shop

2. Gunning Butcher Shop


  1. Linbecks

Honourable mentions to Elite Meats, Bungendore Butcher, Sol’s sausage in Kambah and Calwell Butchers. Survey says, there are some amazing local butchers kicking goals in our region.

A serving suggestion? I buy a stack of flavoured sausages, cook them, cut each sausage into three bits, put all together and put toothpicks in each bit. A tasting plate of sausages! Something a bit different..

Anyone else super hungry now? Now all you need is some freshly baked bread and tasty salads.


If you’re out shopping and wondering if it’s OK to taste test a grape, Canberra has voted on that here 


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