Is eating a grape at the supermarket stealing?

One grape to check they're ripe, whats the issue? According to many, there's a BIG problem..

I witnessed a heated exchange of words in the fresh food section, over grapes. Well the “illegal” act of test tasting a grape.

One women, taste tested a green then purple grape. Deciding green were her colour of choice she then purchased a bag of green grapes. A different bag of grapes that theoriginal bag the rummaged through.

Women two, disgusted with this life choice called her out on it. Cue heated conversation.

She abruptly told her “you know that’s stealing “.. and also added if she was going to help her self at least “buy the bag you picked through”.

I couldn’t believe my timing. #Grapegate fight, aisle 2.

What to try? Credit

My question is; does everyone taste test the grapes?

I thought most of us did? Oh no. I feel ashamed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying head in there after the gym and have a feed.

One lonely grape to see if they’re plump and tasty. If good, buy the bag.

We opened the phones on our breakfast show Kristen and Nige on MIX 106.3 and I put it on my Facebook page, it was a mixed response.

Some saying; use your eyes! Is unwashed fruit covered in germs and pesticides? Enter at your own risk.

Where does it stop? Do you eat one biscuit too? One mouthful of milk from the carton?

Sue on Facebook said “You don’t cook up steak before you buy it to see if its tough, so no”. 

Others admitting their crime. Call it therapy.

Some said guilty, they do try one. Just one, to see if they’re tasty. Grapes are expensive and they want to try before they buy.

Nancy on Facebook said “of course you should taste one (not a whole bunch), a senior employee of Coles encouraged us to try mandarins before buying”. 

General consensus was it’s probably not the most considerate thing to do. But on the grand scale of crimes, you may avoid jail time.

If only this was our biggest concern in 2020..

This wasn’t the first fight i’ve witnessed.. i saw a flight break out at Harry and Meghan’s Wedding. Read about it here. 



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