Skin goals! Your guide to a fresh faced New Year

Party season and this smoke got your skin crying? Me too..

New Years party season can be fantastic for your social life but not so great for your skin.

Your diary says: parties, champagne, cheese, friends and frivolity. Your skin, however, is tired. You’re going from event to event and indulging in all the yummy foods.

This year, to add to the busyness, my skin has really been affected by the smoke and heat. It felt dry, irritated and puffy.

Before I entered 2020, I headed into the skins angels that are Artisan Clinics. I needed to give my skin some TLC, stat. They do say to start the New Year how you want to end it..

My skin was slightly pink, had a rough texture and very dry. It hadn’t broken out into pimples, but the surface was uneven. My pale, fair, tired skin was screaming for attention.

Not a glam shot.. pink and dry over here

My treatment: After a skin consultation, it was recommended I have a HydraFacial + LED Light Therapy. It was light, relaxing and designed to rehydrate my skin. It took around 40 minutes so easy to do in a lunch break.

The Results: No downtime, which was great I had a two functions 24 hours later. The texture of my skin changed almost overnight; the rough bumpy top layer softened. It felt rehydrated and the pink subsided.

Feeling fresh, I never wear minimal makeup..

My makeup was easier to apply and stayed longer after the treatment.

With my pale skin, and this hot and hazy weather it was recommended I wear SPF 50 sunscreen, as I’m high risk of getting burnt. They also recommended water, rest and another check up in January to make sure my skin is on track to continue to sparkle.

With regular check ins for treatments and my take home Rationale products that Artisan has prescribed, I feel like my skin has never been better.

These ladies helped me through the Wedding, photoshoots, stressful and wonderful times in 2019 and I’m so grateful for their expertise and kindness.

Watch out 2020.

Kristen x



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Kristen Davidson is an Ambassador for Artisan but is not paid for these thoughts. No cash, just an honest opinion. 


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