The World’s Most Popular Disney Tattoo’s

Got a Disney Tatt? You're not alone.. but is Mickey our top choice?

We get tattoos for a variety of reasons – family, to remember a moment, a drunkin’ night out on the Gold Coast when it seemed like a brilliant idea to get a VB permanently inked on your calf. What? it was a memorable night.

Its a HUGE decision. You’re wearing this accessory for the rest of your life!

BUT, I didn’t realise Disney tattoos were SO popular. According to playlikemum these are the top DISNEY tattoos. They’ve surveyed instgram, checked the tags and now you can check out these amazing tattoos.

Top 10 Disney tattoos according to Insta

1. Alice in Wonderland – 80,003 tags


2. The Lion King – 26,908 tags

3. Mickey Mouse – 24,058 tags.

4. Little Mermaid – 22,478 tags 


 5. Lilo and Stitch – 20,778 tags

6. Peter Pan – 18,353 tags

7.  Beauty and the Beast – 15,114 tags


8. Sleeping Beauty – 8,561 tags

9. Snow White – 8,063 tags

10. Minnie Mouse – 7,281 tags



So.. do artist impressions of the Little Mermaids count? Ariel.. is that you?



If you have an unusual tattoo I’d love to see it (depending on where it is). Am I asking for trouble with that offer? Ah well.. contact me here


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