My Wedding Body Transformation

It's the fittest and most tonned I've been in my life

Let’s start with I’m no fitness expert or body blogger. I don’t weigh myself or count calories, I like to be driven by feeling good rather than pressure to fit a certain number. I’ve had a few people ask me what my “secret” was to my look for the Wedding so I wanted to share how I got there.

Because its wasn’t me, it was all Hale. 

Leading into my big day I’d set myself the goal to be the fittest and most toned I’d ever been in my life. I needed it..

Day one, training session one

Here’s what I did – it might work for you, you might just want to look at the before and after pics.

Either way, all cool. This piece shares what worked for me and gives a shout out to the people who kept me accountable and went out of their way to help me achieve my goal, Hale Gym and Spa and trainer Michael Roach.

It’s them who got me the results I needed and I can’t thank them enough.

First thing I did, committed to Hale’s 12 week method and attend religiously.

Day one, training session one

I’ve been a member at Hale for well over a year now, you’ve probably heard me talking about them on my radio show. As the name suggests the 12 week method is only supposed to be for 12 weeks. It revolutionised the way I train, so everytime they tried to say goodbye at the 12 week mark, I’d sign up again. Suckers.

They take the thinking out of training for you – each block works different muscle groups. As long as you trust the process, I’ve seen people get the most incredible results. Also, meet some wonderful peeps, in the expert trainers and classmates. You kinda become a weird, sweaty family. (I’m not the sorta person who can train on their own, a good group is key for me.)

Because I’d been a member for a while I wanted to up the ante, so Michael Roach once a week would train me. This guy has a background in cross fit / army / being hardcore. He’s firm but holy Jesus he gets the best out of you. I was honestly privileged to work with him, he is incredible.

Diet wise, the 12 week method has an eating plan. Again I’d been on it for a while so wanted to change it up.

Michael put me on ‘The Zone’, which in “I’m not a professional cross trainer, what is this”  terms, it makes sure you eat at least every 2.5 hours and it ensures you’re eating a balanced protein / carb / fats combination.

Anyway, here are my results. The hand break has been well and truely off post the Wedding, but I’m so proud of the hard work I put in.

Just over 12 weeks later, more toned, feeling bloody excellent

Now that I’ve eaten my way through New Zealand and drunk my body weight in Champagne (god I hope Michael isn’t reading this).. its back to the gym for me.

I cannot thank Hale Gym and Spa and Michael enough. This isn’t paid, these beautiful friends just want the best for me and if you too have an event you’re working towards or just need to make a change, you should chat to them.

Last day, final results

If you’re sick of seeing sweaty me and you’d like to see more Wedding me.. pics are here 


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