What I refuse to do on my Wedding night

I hear Newlyweds get up to some unusual activities on the Wedding night, but my fiancé has proposed we do something so odd, that I’m afraid I’ll offend him when I flat out reject it.

“Babe, this is special, unusual..”he started. You can imagine where my mind went.

“I’ve never heard of this being done on a Wedding night before.. EVER” he continues.

Did he watch Fifty Shades Freed without me and now has some fancy ideas? I kinda wish he had.

What is my face saying.. nooopppeeee

After the official speeches, before we cut the cake and cut loose on the DF, my Husband-to-be would like to break the reception guests into assigned teams and play trivia.

Whip out quiz sheets and roll out 10 rounds of not just any trivia, its BRIDE AND GROOM trivia.

We appoint a quiz master. There’re rounds with such themes as, “Childhood”, “Our First Date” and “Career”. Questions include things like; “Kristen had a cat named Ginger growing up, affectionately the cat was referred to as a) Cutie b) Worm Cat c) Hey you.

For the record you score points for b) Worm Cat, after the family got a bout of worms and blamed the 15-year-old cat. That poor damn cat. Never lived that down.

But that’s beside the point.

This is not the way I thought I’d be spending the Wedding night.

It feels indulgent to start with, if you had one round about us then stretched the themes to include TV shows, politics and throw in a Celine Dion bonus round in, you might have my buy in.

Secondly, the timing is off. We’ve just gone from ‘Wedding celebration’ to ‘Thursday night at insert pub here’. This isn’t the ‘stylish and elegant’ theme we were going for.

He also proposed we have prizes for the winning table. Obviously. The winning table goes home with a meat tray.

Not going to lie, that would be pretty awesome. Also, memorable, I’ll give him that.

Although the meat tray does peak my interest, how do I tell him I hate the idea when he’s so passionate about it. It’s his Wedding as much as it is mine. Miss Selfish over here probably needs to pipe down and let the guy live his best quiz master life. All 10 rounds of it.

It is a heartfelt, sweet idea from a guy who is just excited to have all the people we love the most in one room. It is the topic that brings us together, I just wonder whether people are ready to drink rather than answer questions like; the Bride and Groom first met in what year, bonus points for the location.

Meantime, if this is the biggest issue we have on the day OR in our new married life together, I’ll take it.

Sidenote; his face when explaining the “amazing idea” to me was like a little boy who had just found Pop’s lollies stash in the back of the cupboard. It was the best, most exciting discovery.

Maybe I just need to roll with it. Who knew trivia was on the ‘Wedding night must haves’ list.

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