Did we break the Guinness World Record for Redheads in one spot?

We painted the (Orange) town, red for Huntington's Disease

What a weekend in Orange, trying to break the Guinness World record of the most amount of redheads in one place. All for the most amazing cause, to raise money and awareness of Huntington’s Disease.

Good news is – we painted the town red. We laughed, dressed in white, discussed who in our family carried the redheaded gene, swapped stories of what nicknames we got at school and also swapped cheapest places to buy sunscreen.

This is living.

The question is – did we do it? The current record for the most amount of redheads in one spot at one time is 1672.

Last year, the first year they held the Redhead Hunt 4 HD and tried to break the record, they got around 700 Gingers.

This weekend with the calendar against us – we were up against a long weekend, first weekend of school holidays and a double grand final weekend. DID WE DO IT?

Did the ginger pride drive the ginger tribe to gather and put Orange on the map?

You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

What a weekend raising money for Huntington’s ACT and NSW. Proud to put my name and locks to such an amazing cause.

To everyone who attended you are drop red gorgeous and I can’t wait until we gather again next year.

Because us Redheads we are fierce, that record will be ours it’s just a matter of time!

If you want to jump on board the cause and of course for our next attempt head here

Or read more about ChannelK’s trips here


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