Where to get your KFC Finger Lickin Merch!

KFC Merchandise is now on sale

Who knew Colonel Sanders had such a following. Die hard nug fans who want more than just a Zinger for dinner, they want KFC merchandise to wear loud and proud.

Your day has arrived – but if you’re not quick the opportunity to buy your official KFC socks may pass you by.

The range is part of their recently launched charity initiative – the KFC Youth Foundation. With profits of the merchandise going to charity partners that offer services across areas like mental wellbeing and mentorship.

So you’ll look and feel good in these.

Now, what to buy? Here’s just a taste of what you could be requesting for your Birthday (you know its a great gift)


KFC 100% Original recipe tee
KFC Surfboard! Man not included..
A Carrie Bradshaw inspired necklace
KFC Budge Smugglers
The weirdest beanie I’ve ever seen
KFC socks. Find me a businessman who doesn’t want these.
KFC trackies!! Hungover Sunday’s never looked so delicious…

It’s on sale NOW. Head over to the KFC Youth Foundation for more.

Let me know if you grab any! Email me here x


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