BEST PIES in Canberra…

Votes are in, run don't walk..

Are YOU partial to a good pie? I mean, name someone who’s not. I’ll wait.

By good I mean GOOOOODDDD. The crust is evenly browned and golden around the edge, somewhat lighter brown on the bottom. Crust is flaky and tender. The flavour? Hearty, tasty, almost homemade.

You hankering for a cheese and bacon pie right now? No worries, votes are in, here you will find the BEST PIES in CANBERRA as voted on my facebook page.

A girl’s gotta eat..

The bakery who came in at number one? Run, don’t walk. The votes for this place came in droves, passionate, well fed droves.

The BEST PIES in CANBERRA live at…..

5. Danny’s Bakery, Narrabundah

4. Spence Bakery

3. Elaine’s gourmet pies – Fyshwick and Phillip

2. Wattle snack bar, Phillip


AND… Coming in at NUMBER ONE. THE place for a tasty pie on one of those cold wintery Canberra days IS..

*drum roll*



There you have it folks! Now, do you have it with a bit of tomato sauce? Plain? BBQ sauce?

Wait, BBQ? Sorry, If you answered YES to BBQ, I don’t believe this is the place for you.

I don’t want to sauce discriminate but, you need to have a good hard look at yourself in the bakery display case reflection.

Anyone I’ve missed? Holla at your girl here.


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