A stranger wrote me an open letter that made me cry..

I was planning on Wedding dress shopping with my Fiancé when one woman stopped me

A stranger begged me NOT to go Wedding dress shopping with my Fiancé and I’m SO glad she did.

Sometimes I forget I work on the radio.. I was talking about the STRESS of finding the perfect dress. I haven’t had that moment we see in the movies, where the Bride tries on her dress, walks out to a room who tear up and knows in her heart that’s her Wedding dress.

I call bullshit. I’ve found nice dresses. Pretty dresses, even. But nothing I’d write home about.

Anyway, I shared that from here on in I’d be shopping with Iain, as he will tell me what really works and doesn’t.

A stranger named Christine wrote me an open letter on her blog BoomingOn BEGGING me not to.

It starts; “Dear Kristen, I’m not an early morning person, so it’s rare I have the radio on when you’re on. But this morning as I was out trying to catch the beauty of a crisp Canberra winter, I caught a snippet of you on air discussing the anguish of your wedding dress shopping, and the advice offered by your Mum. A serendipitous moment perhaps.”

I started to sweat. Stick the boot in Christine that you don’t like the show? Are you about to tear me to shreds? I read on.

Iain and I on a night out.. see how stylish he is? Need him to shop with.

“Let me tell you a story.

Many moons ago as my husband spoke at our wedding, he relayed the story of my father describing the moment he set eyes on his first grandchild. Dad, a religious man, said at that moment he couldn’t understand how anyone could not believe in a God, who had created such amazing beauty. My husband, who’s not a religious man, then told our wedding guests that when he first saw me walking down the aisle towards him, his breath was taken away and he felt the exact same thing. And we cried.

Fast forward 24 years and my eldest daughter got married. On her wedding day, after the months of preparations and the ministrations of the day, finally she was dressed and ready, and she was stunning. We called in her father to see the final result, and as he walked into the room and took sight of her, he almost took a step back. I guess that’s what ‘taken aback’ means. We were all a bit teary. It could be that we’re all just die-hard sooks, but I think it’s a special moment indeed. (Did I say that before?)

My husband spoke that night at the reception. He relayed the same story again, and my old Dad’s eyes lit up in recognition and memory as he listened. And we cried, again. Entire tables of us.

(When I later saw the photo that captured my Dad’s face at just that second, I knew it was destined to go on the cover of his funeral brochure, whenever that may be. Because it captured him and what was important to him, and to us: love and family. Sadly, it was only a few years later that the photo appeared on that brochure.)”

Cue, waterworks.

“Kristen—don’t stress. Don’t panic about finding THE perfect wedding dress, and don’t expect to burst into tears the second you put it. That mightn’t happen. Doesn’t matter. Because in reality, there will be dozens of dresses that will be beautiful for you, because there are so many damn gorgeous dresses. And whatever dress you end up choosing, of course Iain will love it, because you know him, and most importantly, you’ll be in it.”

And the line that sealed the deal.

“Don’t make your fiance go wedding dress shopping with you and lose the chance of the magic moment of the bride-reveal. It’s a gift he’ll remember forever.

And you never know—it may be a moment that gets passed on through generations and family lore.”

All the feels Christine…

Christine, you beautiful stranger. You did more than change my mind, you changed my entire perspective on the day.

Its about creating a memory.

Thank you. I will even let it slide that you don’t listen to the show.

Read Christine’s full open letter here.

Any more Wedding advice for me? Contact me anytime here. 


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