Best MASSAGE in Canberra?

Votes are in, we love a good touch up

Confession; this was a selfish post, I really wanted your opinion on where the best hands were living in Canberra for that perfect massage.

You know the one, the massage that seems to fly by. The one that sends you to space. The one that forces you to have time out in your car after, for ten minutes while you think “am I OK to drive after that?”  The place you buy all your girlfriends gift vouchers to for Christmas.

A GOOD massage is worth every penny. So when I posted “Best massage in #CBR?” and one of the first comments was “What type? Depends what you’re after” I realised this isn’t going to be as straight down the line as I thought.

Ahhh.. Source: Massage Forever.

P.S. I aint getting any freebies for this. Some of these I haven’t tried for myself.. this is based on your votes.

YOU told me – and it took me a while to count all your votes. If you’re looking for a good touch up, one thats given the green light by your partner…

The BEST places to get a massage in CANBERRA are.. (drumroll please)

5. Sawasdee Thai Massage – Tuggeranong

4. Mudd the Spa – Hotel Realm, Barton

3. Mels Massage – mobile service

2. Hale Spa – Barton


  1. Foot and Thai Therapeutic Massage – Belconnen.

NOW.. I have to mention Jindi at Botanical Gardens and FCB in Holt too. Apparently they are AWESOME!!

It is my Birthday is next week*. Thanks in advance for my gift voucher.

ENJOY friends. It’s such a treat to give yourself time, relaxation and get those knots out. What would you choose? Hot stone or remedial, relaxation or swedish? Oh the choices..

Couples? Source: LaFusion Massage and Spa.

Who missed the list? Tell me here. 

*Birthday is not next week, just trying to con you.


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