Wedding dress SHOCKERS you have to see

Finding a Wedding dress should be fun, right? WRONG..

THE dress. THE Wedding dress. Some aren’t fussed on what they walk down the aisle in. Some want their moment, a dress that is a timeless fashion choice that they feel and look beautiful in.

If you’re in the latter.. read on.

 “You’ll know as soon as you put it on”, they said. “It’s the dress every girl dreams of”, they said.

Whoever “they” are – go home you’re drunk. Wedding dress shopping is hell and I have the pictures to prove it.

Wanna see my butt?

We’ve all seen the perfect Wedding dress ‘moment’ in every romantic comedy ever made. You walk out of the dressing room and instantly tears roll down your Mum’s face. She nods, in silence. You exchange the knowing look, catch yourself in the mirror and just like Monica in friends you squeal “I’m getting married!”

Boobs out, side split. Mum almost had a heart attack.

My first experience at wedding dress shopping didn’t exactly go like that – I was uttering “this is supposed to be fun” and “why aren’t you smiling?” to my poor Mum who just had a look of shock on her face every time I appeared from behind the curtain. She cried, only because she wanted to go home.

My face says take me home..

One dress looked more like what you’d put on AFTER the wedding (if you know what I mean), rather than what you’d walk down the aisle in.

What’s more worrying – the sales assistant thought it looked awesome. “You have the figure to pull that off” she says “this is for bold Brides like yourself, it makes a statement”.

Honey, if that statement is “Wanna see my butt?” then we’re on the same page.

I’m losing sleep over it and not looking forward to continuing the search.

Run. While you can.

I fear I’ll walk down the aisle and the first thing my husband to be will say is “what are you wearing?”

I want to say YES to the dress. I’ve seen the show – it works a treat for those chicks.

All I’ve said is “I look like a MESS in this dress” which sounds similar.. but not the lifetime fashion moment I was looking for.

Have you got any tips for me? love to hear them here xx



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