Why you’ll watch BARNABY’S TELL ALL tonight..

Mark my words, you say you won't but you will

It’s the ‘tell all’ interview with Channel 7 that has a rumoured 150k price tag on it – we’ll hear tonight from Barnaby Joyce, former Deputy PM and his media advisor now partner Vikki about the affair the country had been enamoured by.

He was married with 4 kids, she was his employee. She fell pregnant, he denied it was his. He tried to keep it private and keep his job but couldn’t do either. Now they will make a mint for an interview and put it in a ‘trust’ for the new child.

He appears impressively arrogant, selfish and an Aussie pub tests suggests most can not believe we are paying one of our Politicians, for information. Also, that he is doing a tell all interview, then taking 11 weeks paid leave, for stress.

It’s a story of betrayal –  of both a romantic and political relationship and Aussies hate to love this story.

Barnaby Joyce has separated from his wife and has had a child with his former media adviser Vikki Campion. Picture

I asked on my facebook page whether anyone would watch this ‘tell all interview’ featuring the pair, hundreds of comments later not one person said they would lay their eyes on it.

I call bullshit.

We’ll watch it – it will be worth every single cent for Channel 7, it has already paid for itself.

We’ll watch it because it makes us breathtakingly mad.

We can’t believe how badly this situation has been managed. We hate it so much, we’ll watch it and talk about with our friends the next day.

Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion taking their new baby for a walk.Picture: Diimex

We HATE the idea someone would have an affair on his wife and children so openly, with a complete disregard for their feelings and have so many keep the dirty secret for them.

It’s scary to think our politicians believe they are untouchable – that they live in this world where their job is more important than anything. Feelings, marriage or simply telling the truth.

We’ll watch it because we are hoping the penny has dropped for Barnaby – we’re hoping to see remorse and someone who is sorry.

We teach our children to make heartfelt apologises when something goes a wry, we know everyone makes mistakes. Hell, no-one is perfect.

But when things go wrong we learn, we grow, we apologise.

Barnaby Joyce and his partner, and former media advisor, Vikki Campion, pictured in 2016, welcomed baby Sebastian from The Armidale Express Photo: Gareth Gardner

Will Barnaby concede that he is a mere mortal – that he is sad, sorry and is taking time to rethink what the future looks like for him and his new son?

Or will it be everyone elses problem? Will he be angry by the media attention, driven into isolation, driven to take time off from a job he “loves” and worried for the future of his child?

Either way, we’ll be watching. I bet you.

Let me know if what you think of the saga here.

Cover Photo Cred: Picture: Kym Smith, Source: News Corp Australia
Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion at Canberra International Airport, prior to the babys birth. 


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