FIRST CAMERAS ALLOWED inside Raiders Captain Jarrod Croker’s house

The man cave he might be celebrating in when the Blues SOO side is announced?

Ever wanted to know where Jarrod Croker and wife Britt host their friends, hang with their dogs and call home?

Never have cameras been allowed into their pad.. but for some reason they seem to trust me.

There’s a lot at stake for the guy at the moment – a key win secured over Manly this week, State Of Origin sides released will see which Green Machine players will get the call up.

Is it a good thing that some key players will take their eye off the ball for a fortnight to play State of Origin? Is it FINALLY Croke’s turn to get the call up and pull on the Blues jersey?

All we know, is where a scotch will be poured IF he does get the call up. One will probably be poured if its a NO too.

Take a look inside the Croker’s AMAZING home. And cross your fingers the year goes the way we all hope it will, for our beloved Raiders Captain Crokes.

Seems slightly nervous to have me sitting on his couch


To hear what its like to be the Raiders Captain go here. 

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