‘Stories of abuse would make your skin crawl’ say nursing home staff

Do our nursing homes need security cameras?

When a loved one is put into a nursing home, you’re trusting the workers to do right by them. Care for them, be kind to them and treat them with dignity.

You never want a loved one to be mistreated. Source:

The majority of aged care workers are selfless, wonderful people who care for your loved one like they’re their own. When we talk about heroes in our community – do you think of aged care workers? Because I do.

It’s the minority who do wrong by them – that mistreat, steal and abuse that make us sad and angry.

We’ve all seen those viral videos of some elderly being taken advantage of –  its those videos and other stories thats lead to a call for surveillance cameras to be put into aged care facilities.

Filming those in a nursing home – is that a total invasion of privacy OR is it necessary to keep them safe?

Most of you told us on Facebook that its needed, now..

You have to be able to trust nursing staff. Source:

Tahlia says “After seeing what happens to the elderly it makes my bloody boil, so I say yes we DO need them #CamerasCanSaveLives”

Paula thinks its some staff that need to be better screened. “If there is staff with violent tendencies there will always be a space for them to abuse the residents.. you can’t have cameras in the shower or toilets.”

Ngaire has had a personal experience, she says surveillance is “needed, abuse is rampant in disability and aged care. Not just from carers but from other residents and family members. I worked in the disability industry for 5 years and the stories of abuse would make your skin crawl.”

Wow. I’m speechless.

Rebecca thinks its the loved ones who should make the call. “Very tricky, maybe leave it up to the family’s discretion.”

Meredith can recall a time she thinks her beloved Mum was treated unfairly. “My Mother just had her engagement ring pulled off her finger against her will. She would have been in incredible proof or cameras to witness such an event”

Sharon has a differing view and does make an excellent point; “Imagine cameras installed throughout your home, including your bedroom, the images being monitored and recorded by someone else. How does that feel?”

You are SO right Sharon and you make such a great point – but does privacy trump safety?

Contact me anytime, I love to hear your views and opinions here. 

Big love, K.


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