Weird Vegemite combinations that WILL make you sick..

Read at your own risk

What some people are doing with Vegemite should be illegal. Its gross at best – at worst un Australian! I admitted to my pals a Vegemite and peanut butter on toast combination is legendary – it will change your life.

Looking at you Vegemite chocolate. Source:

From there, they started telling me what they do with Vegemite. From Vegemite, eggs and tomatoes, to Vegemite and avocado. These combinations should be banned from consumption.

JUST. NO. Source: E Minor TV

Our national treasure is being misused and abused in households around Australia!

Behold my friends, the top 5 WEIRDEST Vegemite combinations I found. I asked my friends on Facebook to do their worst and here they are. I’d name who gave me the combinations but I’m afraid they’d get hate mail. Prepare to throw up in your mouth a little.

  1. Vegemite, tuna and cheese bake
  2. Vegemite and lamb steaks pan fried
  3. Vegemite and celery sticks
  4. Vegemite and radishes on toast
  5. Vegemite and bacon on pancakes

If you have EVER tried number 5, take a good hard look in the mirror. Immediately.

Egg..really? Source: twitter

And how do I most love my Vegemite?.. With a bit butter and lightly spread on multigrain toast. YUM! And it’s even a hangover miracle.

But still. These Vegemite combos?! Nasty.

Not AS bad as flashing your neighbours.. which you can read about here. 

Feature image: Kraft.


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