My nosey neighbours left me a note and its mortifying

This is AWKWARD.

My Neighbours left me a note in my mailbox which I’m hoping is a note sent to all residents in my apartment block and NOT one solely for me.

“A friendly reminder” it starts off, that “we are in a close-knit community. Most of us have blinds but one has tinted windows and at night with the lights on you can see in.”

Here she is. The letter from my close knit community.

Yep, I have tinted windows. I purchased ‘frosted opaque’ because it let you “enjoy the outside without letting prying eyes seeing in?!!”

The mind begins to tick over… What have they seen? How long has the peep show been in town? Why are they only telling me NOW, I’ve lived here for two years?

So. Many. Eyes. Me strutting my stuff for my neighbours.

“Each to their own” the note continues, “that’s your choice. But wanted to bring it to your attention. Kind regards, your Neighbours.”

Now, to give you context, if an apartment has four walls, the entire left side of my home is glass. EVERY SINGLE ROOM has one glass wall. My main concern being the lounge / kitchen area which faces a wall of apartments, with potentially hundreds of eyes peering in.

Oh gawd, am I being talked about in Strata meetings? With everyone discussing who would be the one to ‘break the nude news’…

I see you all DAILY in the elevator or at our monthly drinks. Why didn’t someone quietly point it out?

Well, I guess they have now!

What view right? Almost as good as the view my nosey neighbours have.

How does the song go? Neighbours. Everybody needs good neighbours.*

*As long as they’re not watching you sleep.

Keeping clothes on, from here on in. Me and my man, Iain.

What’s worse, putting on a peep show for your Neighbours or being the Aussie PM and not knowing ‘You’re The Voice’. Add songs to the ‘need to know list’ for Aussies here. 


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