What songs MUST you learn to call yourself Australian?

This one is for our PM...

Our political captain… our Australian Prime Minister Malcolm (the very handsome) Turnbull stuffed up the words to John Farnham’s ‘You’re the Voice’. TWICE.

Once at The Commonwealth Games when he was trying to sing along with our Aussie squad but failed… and then again on Melbourne radio when quizzed a second time.

Darn, they got me, again! Source: Business Insider


There’s just some songs that you GOTTA KNOW THE WORDS TO to be an Aussie, right?

So MT knows where the line is, let’s compile a list of the MUST KNOW tunes. Feel free to add more in the comments on Facebook. I’ll give you five to start with..

MT, practising the lyrics in his head. Source:

The most Aussie songs on the planet include:

1. Horses – Daryl Braithwaite

2. Sounds of Then – Gangagang

3. Treaty – Yothu Yindi

4. Cold Chisel – Khe San

5. Land Down Under – Men at Work

Got any more songs to add to the list?  I know you do… tell me on my Facebook page!

You can do it MT! John Farhman egging our PM on. Source:

P.S. If you like a good sing along, you’ll love meeting The Royal Wedding Crashers who I’m going to London with here. 


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