Rolfe Classic BMW Ambassador Life

To say I’m proud to be a Rolfe Classic BMW Brand Ambassador is an understatement. I mean, pinch me, I get to drive around in fancy cars and tell you about how cool they are. BEST. JOB. EVER.

Here’s the thing – I never would have thought I’d be a BMW driver. I always thought that they were out of my league, a luxury car that I couldn’t afford. Nope. The more I get to know the range, the more I realise a base line entry BMW car is on par with other brands, they are luxury but affordable too. Worth comparing, honestly.

A spot of shopping… with my gigantic boot

Cars were always just something to get me from A to B. It’s not until you slip into one of these beauties, get to call your peeps through the bluetooth, reverse into parks with ease with the reversing cameras and cruise around with the seat warmers on in Winter that you think, ‘oh, maybe I do need MORE than just to get from A to B!’

Thank god for the sunroof, can only just fit my hat…

Anyhoo I’m not here to sell you a car – that’s for my family at Rolfe Classic to do! I just wanted to share what it’s like to be their brand ambassador.

Every month I’ll get new wheels, then I get to tell you what it feels like to drive the car. At the moment I have the X3 which will be so hard to give back. I feel so fashionable scooting around in this and boy, it has power.

Do you talk to your car? Or, have a name for your wheels? I call mine Pearl!

Me and Pearl… never giving her back…

For more fancy cars.. see the peeps at Rolfe Classic BMW x



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