The three Netflix series you need to watch IMMEDIATELY!

It’s a rainy (hungover?) Sunday and you’re searching Netflix for something fresh to sink your teeth into.
You’re welcome; three killer series I’ve seen and considered “calling in sick” to work over, because I couldn’t tear myself away from the telly.

Get into these, friends.

The Good Place

This after-life sitcom is bloody awesome!  The show follows the lives of four individuals who have landed themselves in some sort of secular after-life, except one of them, Eleanor Shellstrop (played by Kristen Bell)) is there by mistake.

OMG why didn’t someone tell me about this show earlier? Source: Netflix

It’s funny, light-hearted and just when you think you’ve figured out the plot it surprises you. You will want Kristen Bell to be one of your BFF’s after watching this – god she’s funny. This will make you feel warm and fuzzy and is an easy watch.

Queer Eye

PACK YOUR TISSUES. Who expected an emotional exploration of queer culture — and perhaps the best thing currently on Netflix with the Queer Eye reboot?

This version offers more than the old “makeover” show – the all new Fab 5 advise men on fashion, grooming, food, culture and design.

Also, aside from being funny and entertaining, Queer Eye explores issues like body confidence, religious attitudes to the gay community and police violence in America. It’s deep and kinda wonderful.

Fierce hair, fierce show. Source: Netflix

FYI two downfalls of this series;

  • You will wish these boys could attend all your parties after meeting them.
  • There’s only 8 eps. Boo.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction –  With David Letterman

David Letterman aka American talk show ROYALTY sits down with fascinating world figures for in depth interviews.

Why can’t Obama run again? Source: Netflix

It’s amazing to see guests like Barack Obama and George Clooney sit down for a chat and talk everything from politics to fatherhood, Trump to their favourite breakfast.

Who knew George Clooney was SO down to earth and generous when it comes to charity and humanitarian organisations?

Oh, and Obama talking about the day he moved one of his girls into her University dorm and cried is the sweetest story you’ll hear all week.

Now stop reading and start watching. Enjoy your BINGE!!

Love K x


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