Pets in the Workplace

From guide dogs, therapy animals and military operations dogs; pets wear many hats in our lives and don’t we love them for it. Some four legged friends are literally life savers.

That’s why I feel bad for even suggesting that I have reservations about colleagues bringing their pooch into the office. Fido is a great friend, but is Fido a good co-worker?

Kristen Henry is ‘That guy’. Image via Instagram.

Pets being allowed at work to calm colleagues, reduce blood pressure and stress and help us be more creative sounds like a great idea.

An idea my workplace is floating; an idea that made me raise my hand to voice a few concerns. Yep, I was ‘that guy’ who put up their hand to say, “pets in the workplace are my pet hate!”

Now before you order your dog to bite me, let me explain:

Pet allergies are common and nasty. Allergies to pets with fur or feathers are common, especially among people who have other allergies or asthma. Between 15 and 30 percent of people with allergies have reactions to cats and dogs (or so the National Asthma Council of Australia tells me).

That means a runny nose, swollen and sore eyes, hives, even a cough for our allergy prone friends. How ruff.

What if someone is afraid of dogs? We all have that friend who had a terrible experience when they were young with un unruly pet and now aren’t crazy about them. Let’s not scare them as they’re prepping for that presentation.

Allergies to pets is a ruff time. Image via Getty.

Some dogs like mischief. Can you imagine the hassle if someone brought a dog to work, and it proceeded to rip the stuffing out of your boss’s new designer desk chair? Or decided to do their business in the kitchen? Not something we want to see while eating lunch, not to mention the legal ramifications if someone in the office suffered a dog bite.


Cute four legged friends are so distracting. What about the other end of the scale, a pup who is so super cute and all we want to do is pat and play with it. Its much more fun to scratch Buddy’s tummy than finish that report. Isn’t it Buddy.. isn’t it?

How do we say no to other pets? Letting Dogs into the workplace could open a can of worms.

Excel is difficult when you don’t have thumbs. Image via Getty.

What happens if someone wants to bring in their cat, rat or snake? Saying no could go down paw-ly. In theory, everyone should love their dogs as much as her Majesty loves her Corgis. Some people aren’t pet people. International bring your pet to work day is awesome – for a day.

Pets make awesome friends, but are they good co-workers? Have your say in the comments below.



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