“The Tooth Fairy has undergone a major transformation since I was a kid.”

It was when one the five-year-old girls in my dance class told me she’d received $20 for a tooth from the Tooth Fairy that I realised times had changed.

It seems the Tooth Fairy isn’t feeling the pressure of the pay gap; nor facing penalty rate cuts like the rest of the country.

She’s living her best life. If the average child loses 20 baby teeth, she must have invented a fancy app since the last time we spoke to be able to afford this payout.

2017’s Tooth Fairy is way more cashed up than you remember. (Image: 20th Century Fox)

Before I considered pulling out my adult teeth to cash in, I wondered whether the Tooth Fairy was just in a bind on this occasion?

Only a $20 note in that teeny tiny wallet? Maybe this payout isn’t the norm. Cue research from a stack of mummy friends and it turns out, there’s numerous things about the Tooth Fairy that’s news to me. First, let’s talk price. There’s been an increase since I was little.

The average price per tooth came in between $5 – $10 with quite a few exceptions. Jodie says the going rate is $50 for the first tooth in her household, with that going into an account for the kids. The pineapple comes with a hand-written note, explaining that each tooth will receive $10 from here on in but $5 of that needs to go into the newly set up account. Please adopt me, Jodie.

Who knew the Tooth Fairy has also gotten selective with the state of the teeth she is now collecting? Nicole says she gives silver coins for dirty teeth and gold for clean teeth in her household. When teeth are deemed not ‘up to scratch’ there is always a toothbrush given for encouragement. Mary-Anne explained the Tooth Fairy has a fear of fans, dogs and people snoring so usually takes a few days to arrive at her house. The longer it draws out the better; turns out the tooth fairy feels guilty after a few days have passed and tends to shell out more.

This one makes sense; the holiday Tooth Fairy is more generous. A few Mum’s commented that the Tooth Fairy picks up the relaxed vibe of the family and if it’s a long distance between where the family is and an ATM generally gives more.And who knew there was a ‘recovery’ fee? Chantal says in the unfortunate event that the tooth is swallowed or lost down the drain, the kids are comforted to know that means the ‘danger fee’ kicks in. A special scuba diving team is called in to sort it out. How fancy.

(Image: iStock)

One common question asked is “what does she do with all the teeth?”


Firstly, fantastic question. Secondly, it’s a question the Tooth Fairy has answered many times in different households. Generally, the Tooth Fairy is big on recycling. She’s been known to leave notes. They say she is giving these teeth to little babies or elderly Nan and Pops who need them.

Kathy said that the Tooth Fairy has a hobby of turning the into jewellery so she looked nice on a Saturday night. However, only the clean teeth get turned into pretty necklaces. The dirty teeth go inside maracas.

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How much does the Tooth Fairy bring in your household? And is this more/less than when you were a child?



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