The hottest trends from 2016 Black Opal Stakes

Feelin' HOT HOT HOT this year.

Literally, it was a 34 degree day this year and the Fashions on the Field entrants still rocked up to Thoroughbred Park polished from head to toe.

To all you boys who wore a three piece suit, extra brownie points.

But believe me, you did look hot. The Judges loved the individuality and personality of your outfits. Most millinery were one off pieces – simply incredible. I sat on the judging panel again this year and man, it has never been so tough.

Judges Kate Speldewinde, Victoria Novak and Kristen Henry. Kristen’s hat was made by local milliner Christine Waring


Congratulations to our winners, you nailed it.

Viviana Parish took out Classic Ladies Racewear with a stunning gold and blue outfit, complete with a detailed crown that the Queen would be envious of.

Classic ladies racewear winners

She told me she’d purchased the top from an op-shop a while back and is getting married in a few months so is very into whites, creams and crowns.

Edwina Woods with her pink feathered headwear that was nothing short of spectacular, she took out the Millinery category. It was felt based, had crystal studs and hand cut turkey feathers that were different shades of pink.

Millinery winners

For those playing at home, pink is the official colour of Black Opal Stakes so extra points there.

Sam McGowne bagged the Menswear category. He had a real hipster vibe; navy jacket, cream pants, brown shoes and matching hat.

Mens racewear winners

Don’t take my word for it though!

Until the next Black Opal, you gorgeous things, this is one judge signing off and heading to the bar for a champers.


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