Who was hot to trot at Thoroughbred Park 2015

Dear fillies and fellas, I once again judged race day fashion at Thoroughbred Park for Melbourne Cup this year.

I’m sure you’re across it, but you nailed it… you made my job so hard!

Congrats to everyone who frocked up, for the record the top three things I kept my eye out for were;

1. Keeping it classy.

Race days are steeped in tradition and that tradition should be honoured. Follow the rules, but put your own stamp on it. Also, class is a polished outfit. Think accessories, shoes, bags and gloves.. they make a huge impact.

2. Original headwear a non-negotiable.

A hat, fascinator or headpiece … it’s not a race day outfit without one. We were looking for an original, statement piece. There are some awesome local milliners to buzz; I can’t go past Christine Waring. Cynthia Jones-Bryson is you’re looking for something classic and Sovata is really making waves with her quirky cutting edge pieces.

3. It’s spring, call on your colour.

Prints, patterns and a mix of textures are key. Mix and match, as long as they all complement each other feel free to stray from matchy-matchy.

Hope you had a fun day – and enjoy taking a squiz through the pics.

The Judges

Men’s Fashions on the Field winners

Women’s Fashions on the Field winners

Yours with the Verve in hand,

Kristen x


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