No-one likes a Henzilla

Your guide to organising a fabulous hen's part-ay!

Penis straws at the ready: Your bestie is now sporting a rock that resembles a disco ball and a smile a mile wide. She’s getting hitched! You want to plan a classy, fun and spectacular hen’s evening without sending your pals broke and earning the nickname Henzilla. I’ve got your back girl, here are some tips.

Hen's Night
Source: QT

Do ask her what she wants, then go above and beyond.

This is her day, not yours so keep that in mind. If Nanna is attending and strippers make the Bride nervous, abide. But throw in some surprises. She wants a nice dinner out; why not send her to get her hair and makeup done beforehand? She asks for cocktails with the girls: organise a cocktail masterclass before you sit and sip? Take what she says and think ‘how do I take this to the next level?’.

Do stick to a budget that isn’t going to send us all broke.

Not everyone earns a six figure salary and can dedicate a week to party. Ps. At NO STAGE should the Bride be putting her hand in her pocket. Spoil her, she deserves it.

Don’t make her look ridiculous.

Call me a party pooper but I’m a feather boa and ‘L’ plate free zone. A sash can be fun but when it comes to accessories or signs ask, ‘is this fun or foolish?’. If it’s the latter, bin it.

Hen's Night
Source: QT

You’re not Andrew O’Keefe, don’t go overboard with the games.

Again, the fun not foolish rule applies. Sure, a cheeky game of Bridal quiz is fun to find out how much she knows about Hubby. When Nanna gets roped into a game of ‘truth or bare‘ you’ve headed down to tacky town.

Do give her a special keepsake.

A memory of the night so she’ll always look fondly on her last hurrah. Quick brainstorm; get a professional photographer in for an hour or have a cocktail glass engraved with all your names and the date?

Hen's Night
Source: QT

Do have a social media policy.

No Hen wants to wake up to find a sweaty dance floor pic plastered on FB. I’m actually a big fan of phones being confiscated. Assign one person as the emergency contact if something goes wrong. But I love the idea of everyone being present rather than on their phones. Then only the hen is allowed to post her fave pics post event.

Hen's Night
Source: QT

Finally, Do remember to enjoy yourself.

You got the call up as organiser because the Bride thinks you’re the bomb. Even if you insist on dressing a certain someone in toilet paper couture.

P.S. May or may not have tried out the above at the QT on the weekend. If you’re looking for something uber stylish this is your place. They sourced an expert from Vegas to mix their cocktails. Food in the Capitol Bar and Grill is delicious and we just rolled upstairs to snooze in their giant cloud like beds. Evidence in the pics! They have brand new hen’s packages too, see QT’s Hens packages flyer.


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