Will I need a passport?

Yes, Passports are mandatory when travelling outside of Australia. Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the conclusion of your trip. We will also need photo copies of your valid passport before payment.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for peace of mind before and during your trip. It’s important that you protect yourself in case of trip cancellations, baggage delays or loss of baggage, and medical expenses.

What if it’s just me, can I still book a twin?

Of course, you can! I actually recommend it. The idea of this trip is that we’re in it together and mostly out exploring anyway. Life’s more fun when you share it, it will be like-minded people all on holiday, it’s a great opportunity to make a friend for life.

Am I going to get to meet everyone on the trip before we go?

Yes, There will be an awesome congratulations/celebration party (that I’m throwing for you…) on Friday March 9 where you will get to meet everyone you will be travelling with. We’ll bond, get to know each other and get packing for our experience of a lifetime.

How do I pay?

Credit card, Bpay, Direct Deposit or PayPal. You just have to pay before March 7 or have a copy of your remittance otherwise we must open your spot up to someone else. You will receive an Invoice from our travel partner Parker & Turner Travel Associates with all the payment details.

Where are the flights departing and arriving?

We fly Qantas from Canberra (CBR) to London (LHR), departing May 14 and returning May 21.

Can I alter the itinerary?

There is little to no flexibility to the tour including flight dates and accommodation. If you need to change some things up it will come at a cost. All tour events are included in the price so if you want to skip a tour (because you had too many champagnes the night before OR met your own Prince Charming and want to hang with him instead) that’s not a problem, but the price stays the same.

Why do I need to Register?

We require all our guests to register before they barrel is drawn. By registering you are committing to the to the trip, have a visa and can pay the $5,633 by the 7th of March 2018.

Will I have free time?

The itinerary offers the perfect balance of group events and you own free time.

What is the single room upgrade?

If you prefer the privacy of your own room, you can opt for our single room. The cost is an additional $1011 (i.e. a new total of $6,644)

If you’d rather not incur the additional expense, consider twin room share option. We’ll accommodate you with a fellow guest of the same gender, on a twin-bed basis.

Are airport transfers included?

Yes, return transfers between the airport and hotel are included.

How much luggage can I bring?

You can bring one suitcase per person with the dimensions of 76cm x 46cm x 25cm and weight not exceeding 23kg.

You can also bring one piece of carry on hand luggage at 7 kg per person

Is luggage handling provided?

No, all baggage handling will be the responsibility of the owner to check in and load/unload at Airports and Transfers.

Are tips included?

Tips for the driver and guide on the individual tours for Windsor Castle and Tower of London day have been included, all other tips are discretionary and will be up to each individual.

Will I need to pack formal clothes?

This will depend on your personal preference, but the destinations we are visiting means that we will need to be smartly dressed for some of our events. We’d recommend bringing a couple of smart outfits for events and special evenings.

Will I need any vaccinations?

Speak to your doctor to find out if vaccinations are required. If you’re taking medication or suffer from any form of illness, ensure you have an adequate supply of medication before departing.

Will I need electrical adaptors?

Yes, the electrical plugs and outlets differ in the UK to Australia. We recommend bringing a universal travel adaptor that’s suitable for all countries.

Will I be able to get laundry done?

Yes, the hotel offers a laundry service but this is at your own cost. It’s sensible to try and pack enough clothing for the 7 days to avoid having to do laundry.

What if I become ill on my trip and am unable to continue?

The tour will assist you with a doctor’s visit or hospitalisation should you require. Travel Associates has a dedicated Support Hotline, to offer assistance and advice, coordinate with your travel insurance company and keep in touch until you are able to re-join the trip or return home. This service is included in the cost of your trip; however, it is not a replacement for travel insurance, which we strongly advise you to purchase.

What if I arrive late and miss a part of the trip?

We regret that no refunds can be made for absences from a trip, including experiences such as missed meals or sightseeing. Just be on time, you don’t want to miss the fun.