The letter from a 12yr old girl that shames our leaders

12 yr old Canberra girl Ella Ezergailis has penned the Prime Minister Scott Morrison a heartfelt letter, reflecting back to him that the behaviour, language, tone and total disrespect she witnessed first hand in the closing week of Question Time was really tough for a little girl to see.

The carefully constructed handwritten note, isn’t out for an apology from the Prime Minister. Instead, she’s just worried our leaders are “setting a very bad example for young people especially the school kids who visit Parliament House”and wants them to “respectfully listen and not shout at each other.”

“I was so excited to attend Question Time for the first time” writes Ella, after being accepted into the Girls Takeover Parliament program.

“I was very disappointed and embarrassed by how a majority of the Parliamentarians behaved. I saw almost six Members kicked out of the chamber.

 I think they should be setting a better example by behaving more respectfully, listening to each other, letting others talk and express their ideas and not shouting at each other, because it achieves nothing.”

Snide remarks, laughing and yelling out during responses is something the Australian public has gotten used to seeing during Question Time on the television.

For Ella, it was also what went on off camera that was upsetting.  On MIX 106.3’s Kristen and Nige for Breakfast, Ella explained “one time a woman was trying to make a speech and a man stood up, turned his back on her and started talking loudly to another man right in front of her.”

 When asked how this made her feel, Ella replied“really sad.”

 There is a solution for our PM in the note.

“Instead of school children visiting Parliament House I think that some of the members should instead visit Gowrie Primary School.” Says Ella.

“We respect others, listen when they are speaking, give supportive suggestions to their ideas and make sure to uphold our school value – Everybody Counts”

It might take Ella, or as she’s signed the heartfelt letter “Ella, the Future of Australia” to remind our politicians that not only is their job to guide our Country and its path, but to uphold a respectful workplace culture that Australians would be proud of.

“As Prime Minister you have the power to affect change and I ask you to be a change leader Everyone should be allowed to have a fair go. You should be setting a strong example by encouraging respectful behaviour for a better,stronger and more inclusive Australia”.Finishes Ella.

Good luck young girl, we hope the Prime Minister reads his mail today.











Read more about whats happening on the Kristen and Nige show here


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