Help me name Woden Central’s newest cocktail?

A cocktail name that screams "I'm delicious"...

When the team at Woden Central, the newest dining precinct in Canberra Southern Cross Club Woden came to me and asked whether I’d design a cocktail for them. My instant reaction was “guys, you’ve come to the right place!”

They’ve pressed refresh on their dining offering; the decor, menu and wine list scream “I’m fabulous and delicious”.. and they needed one signature cocktail to represent that.

So, I called in some help from a few friends on Facebook, organised a girls night out and set the task of together creating a cocktail for Woden’s newest dining hub.

I know, first world problems. See how stressed we are below? He he..

All the gals.. ready to get cocktail-ing.

There are a few eating areas in Woden Central that have their own personality. Henry’s is designed with the kids in mind, The Patio was full of couples in romantic booths, the cafe is home to cake and coffee.. so the Clubhouse and Bar; dim lights and the pool tables had our name on it. I found a long table, got a bottle of champagne to welcome the ladies and we GOT TO WORK.

We brainstormed what type of cocktails we’d like to make and try.. then decided, we couldn’t bear tasting cocktails on an empty stomach, right?

From duck and plum spring rolls to beetroot, feta and toasted hazelnut salad. Pork belly to their signature wood fired pizzas. The food, honestly, is to die for.

The Woden Central Clubhouse and Bar..

Cheese burger sliders to King Island smoked cheddar risotto. The food was that good, I asked to take the left overs home! And I’m not even embarrassed about it.

Anyway – back to the task at hand.

The pool tables.. which get so busy on a Friday night!

After a few different trials, some muddling, mixing, giggling and changing, we did it.

This coconut vodka, Malibu, pineapple juice and coconut cream DREAM will be ON THE MENU for Melbourne Cup!

Now, what should we name it? Cocktail Mc Cocktail face?

Suggestions PLEASE. Holla at me here.

Drool over the food and drink menu at Woden Central here. 

The bar.. the scene of the crime

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