Nige is back on breakfast radio baby..

Nige is back baby. Back to breakfast radio but this time its with me, Kristen on MIX 106.3.

I remember when he left a couple of years ago, after working on HIT 104.7 Canberra for forever (honestly, almost 20 years), then on MIX and trying his hand at ‘real world life’.

He came to visit me in the office and it had been a while since I’d seen him. I said “you have to swing by more often, I miss you!”.

I remember the sadness in his eyes, and him saying to me “I would, its just so hard to see you all because I miss you so much.” 

The radio station and the people in it and the people who connect with it, are his home.

The guy has spent half his life at Canberra FM. Whether on MIX or HIT the corridors of the station is where he belongs, not to mention in my opinion the people of Canberra love the big guy.

His heart is in making people happy, playing music, having a laugh and celebrating Canberra.

So when the opportunity to work alongside one of the kindest, most genuine and funniest people I know came up. We both said abso-bloody-lutely.

So from me to you, if you’re reading this then you might know me from the radio or just follow my adventures.

Thank you for your support, as I enter my 6th year on Breakfast radio in Canberra I can honestly tell you I have never been more excited for what’s ahead.

Did I mention Kate Rice is back too to read our news? OMG the gang is back together. *looks for champagne*

We hope to make you smile and we hope to make you proud.

We even have cupcakes with our faces on it?! Nige, we’ve made it.

If you want to see the video where Nige explains what it was like to broadcast during the Canberra bushfires you can here.

Kristen and Nige for Breakfast starts Monday October 29. Talk to you then.



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