The WINE rule everyone is breaking..

BEWARE; you could be the laughing stock of your friends and not even realise. In fact, you might be about to LOSE your friends over one, tiny, dinner party misunderstanding.

Picture this. You go to a friend’s house for a meal. You bring 3 bottles of wine, for variety. Only one gets drunk (as in one bottle, not one friend). Do you; (a) take the other two unopened bottles of wine home with you, or (b) do you leave the unopened bottles behind for the host?

The great drink debate – to take the extras or to leave them behind? What’s the RULE? Because I took the unopen, undrunk bottles home and boy, wasn’t the aftermath a headache. On many levels.

My intent was to bring a few bottles for variety, I didn’t know what my pals were cooking for our delicious get together? I wanted to match the wine with the meal! I thought I was being thoughtful. When lunch was done, one bottle drunk, I grabbed the two remaining unopened bottles to take home. I walked out the door ‘double parked’, a bottle in each hand and hopped into the car.

Cue fight with Fiancé half way home. Thank god I had leftover wine to cushion the onslaught.

Apparently, I had “embarrassed” him because I didn’t leave the two unopened bottles behind. “It’s a gift” he insisted, it “doesn’t matter how many bottles were drunk. You only bring to the party what you’re happy to leave behind”.

He quizzed me on whether the host had told me I could take the unopened wine home. When I said no, he got more irritated.

Now, wine for the sake of the argument can be substituted for beer, soft drink or juice in this scenario. Since when did this become a dinner party rule? That you DO NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES take unopened bottles of drink home.

They are good friends, not strangers. We get together often. I didn’t know if it was going to be one of those parties that start at lunch and suddenly, its dinner and you’re thirsty. I came prepared.

Wine and friends. Apparently, you can’t have both? Tell me here!!


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