Dirty neighbours causing war

You can't leave THAT outside your door...

Is it OK for someone to leave their personal belongings outside their apartment? Bikes, shoes, sometimes even garbage (which is en route to the bin) in the corridor of an apartment building?

That’s right, the common corridor. Even if there’s plenty of space in said corridor, are we all cool with communal living that spreads our items into shared areas?

An esky? Where you headed?

My neighbours are cool with it. In fact, heaps are doing it in my apartment building and its causing owner WARS. One side saying it’s not a fire hazard and who is it hurting? Others screaming GET YOUR CRAP INSIDE YOUR APARTMENT. Yep, should’ve been at the last Body Corporate meeting – Ramsey Street has got nothing on us.

As my capital letters suggest, I’m in the second identified party. I’m pleading with my neighbours that if it’s not ‘good enough’ for inside your apartment, why leave it in the common area for others?

Bags packed! Is that a chair?

(P.S not the first time I’ve had a run in with the neighbours. Read about them leaving me a note about my NAKEDNESS here)

It started off as shoes that would sit outside other apartment doors. You’d know as soon as the elevator door opened at your level whether your neighbourino had been for a run, as the smell of the sweaty joggers would dance up into your nostrils.

You’d turn the corner and see said smelly shoes and think maybe it’s a visitor who kindly popped the shoes off before entering their friends home? No biggie, except a fungal infection. Play on.

The shoes multiplied overnight. Now a few pairs are living outside the door. The corridor is big enough you don’t trip over them but I’d be lying if they didn’t s&%t me to tears.

Cultural nod or devotion to keeping your rug white, your items are safest inside your pad. I get our apartments aren’t the size of James Packers but if your shoes are too smelly to be inside your apartment, out in the corridor for everyone to enjoy is not the spot for them either.

The shoes became a bike, the bike became rubbish. Soon, an epidemic had spread. My floor was putting anything that smelt, had dirt on it or didn’t fit inside their apartment in the common corridor. In the space of a fortnight my floor transformed into the Canberra tip.

It was raised at a Body Corporate meeting and I was so surprised to see the room divided over it. It seems the items aren’t technically a ‘fire hazard’ – many argued unless they were putting health or safety in danger who cares. Also, some argued the items were outside for a ‘short stay’, so management turned a blind eye as at this stage they ‘didn’t see a pattern’.

A pattern? I’m considering buying my neighbour a shoe rack for Christmas! At least then their sketchers and backpack will be tidy while outside.

What would YOU do? Its a first world problem, do you turn a bling eye? Or if its embarrassing when friends come over, do you keep flagging it at meetings? Confront them about it?

Love to hear what you think here


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