BEST Coffee in CANBERRA as voted by YOU

We love coffee.. but it HAS to be good.

If you’re a Canberran then you know we’re a particular breed. We’re progressive, very green, smarter than the average bear and we LOVE a coffee.

True dat. Source: Coffee meme

I’d even go so far to say we’re coffee snobs.. you’ve gotta have standards, right?

You could say we’re allowed to be.. because we are the home of two baristas’s who’ve picked up gongs nationallly and internationally for their fancy coffee making skills.

Both these guys work at the same coffee joints, so it’s no surprise that joint came in first in the BEST coffee in Canberra poll.

I asked you on social for you votes.. here’s what you said.

What a nice couple! Source: Kristen Henry

The BEST coffee in Canberra goes to..

1. ONA coffee – Fyshwick or Manuka.

2. Double Shot, Deakin

3. Atlas, Gungahlin

4. GTree, Gungahlin

5. Brew Bar, Tuggeranong

AND.. and honourable mention to 38 Espresso. NOT just because its on the Foreshore and my local (and Iain’s favourite), I promise it had a stack of votes too! There was a few of you who said Coles servo… you must be drunk.

Coffee Bags at 38 Espresso. Source: Kristen Henry

Mmm… anyone else feel like a dirty chai after reading that?

Thats another article in itself.. what’s your order! Back in the day a Mocha was fancy. Now I hear people ordering a Ristretto, Short Macchiato and Piccolo and I actually think.. I’m not sure what they are! I mean I know they’re coffee orders.. but of WHAT?

Don’t even get me started of the Affogato. WHO is ordering coffee and ice-cream at any other time, other than desert?

Although this is coming from the chick who orders a “Dirty chai, on skim, extra hot”. What a dickhead.

Source: Kristen Henry

Let me know if I’ve missed any super awesome coffee spots out, happy to update. Holla at me anytime here.

Maybe we can grab a cuppa sometime?


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