You got what stuck, where? Nurses tell all.

He was 19, red faced, because he’d gone to do his fly up. And his scrotum went through the zip. For a few centimetres! Just one of many OMG moments shared by Nurses.

‘He was gorgeous,’ one nurse says. ‘Everyone was infatuated. His girlfriend wasn’t helping by being hysterical and laughing at him.’

The take home message? Always wear undies.

Objects ending up where they shouldn’t.

Nurses deal with a LOT. Vacuum cleaners sucking places other than the carpet; certain instruments that need to be taken out in theatre…

‘He was unable to retrieve something that he had been using during an intimate moment with a friend,’ this nurse says. The funniest part? ‘We could still hear the buzzing.’

When I asked if it was his phone buzzing, she replies, ‘It certainly wasn’t his phone buzzing.’

Nurses horror stories

Is it anything like Grey’s Anatomy?

Does love ever blossom in the wards? Do they ever find the nurse and the doctor in the cupboard?

Apparently not that common – it sounds like the tea room was the place to be.

The things our Nurses see and deal with on a day to day basis will astound you.

After watching this video, hug the next Nurse you find. Trust me, they’re heroes.

Greys anatomy hug it outFor more confessions, have a peek over here.


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