Farting in a Dance Teachers face… WHAT?

Yep. Farts in the face and Dance Mum’s who open their own schools to make sure their daughter is in the front row are two of many things Dance Teachers are putting up with!

Dance Teachers have dished the dirt on the challenges they face on a day to day basis. Who knew tantrums over the colour their little ones were put in for concert would send some Mum’s into a spin? A triple turn, in fact.

“One of my students was doing a hamstring stretch when she calls me over,” Miss Karlie tells me. “Bobbed down to say ‘yeah, what do you need?’, and she farts in my face!”

How about questions about the birds and the bees? Apparently they should be questions for Mum and Dad, not your Dance Teacher!

Oh and lies around whether one is injured or not? It’s funny and a little cheeky.

But – are there any tantrums in class?

Apparently one Dance Teacher had a tantrum herself, one teacher confesses to me.

“She landed up under my desk at a concert rehearsal screaming ‘I can’t understand why people aren’t treating me like a professional!'”while I’m going, “you’re under my desk… maybe not.”

And don’t even get them started on Dance Mums!

Watch the video above, or check out the Channel K YouTube Channel for more.


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