Is Em Rusciano a Diva?

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t had a diva moment?

I hope Em Rusciano’s show at the Canberra Theatre is just that, one giant DIVA moment. I’ve had Em on my radio show a few times and she’s a pro. When the on-air light is flashing she just runs. I’ve always wondered whether this fierce wit and intense personality was difficult to tame behind the scenes.

Is there a massive heart behind the hairspray? The answer is yes. At her core she’s a proud Mum who is a born performer.

Kristen: Happy Birthday for the other day Em, how did you celebrate?! Did you party like you turned 21? 

Em: I cried before 8am! A new record. I’m not great with birthdays, I trained and saw my accountant. I know, lock up the strippers she’s lost her mind!

What’s the best and toughest thing about being your fabulous self? 

Finding a balance. I live at such extremes, it takes me time to adjust to getting home from being on tour and vice versa.

I know your shows are 18 plus but have your girls seen it? Do they give you feedback? 

My girls go through the writing and rehearsal process they know the show pretty well. Odette likes to make sure there are enough sequins and feathers, Chella likes to make sure I’m wearing enough clothes.. They make a good team.

Tell me about the last time you threw a diva tantrum, it happens to the best of us! 

Look honestly I try not to do that, I get pretty narky when certain people finish my Nutella.. And by certain people I mean my family.

What do you want your audience to say about your show, when they hop in their cars and head home? 

I hope they have shiny eyes, I hope they’ve laughed till they cried and that their Tena lady got a work out. And I hope they feel empowered and motivated. I hope they’re glad they’re not me!

The Essentials

What: Em Rusciano is NOT a diva
When: Friday 4 March at 8pm
Where: Canberra Theatre Centre
Tickets: Purchase them via Canberra Theatre Centre


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